Langley Vale Visitor Hub

Larissa Johnston Architects collaborated with Paula Trindade on the Langley Vale Visitor Hub, a competition entry for the Woodland Trust.

The proposal is derived directly from the physical nature of the existing and future woodlands as well as the historical context of the site which was used during World War One. Through the striking profile of the building, which is inspired by the tent structures typically used at World War One training camps, the intention is to enhance the unique woodland setting and provide a visual reference point in the landscape.

A generous canopy to the building signals the entrance space which links diagonally across to the main space. Both these areas are contained between the two blocks of ancillary accommodation and derive their dramatic spatial quality from the rooflight structures above.  The vertically of the main space, contrasts elegantly with the horizontality of the expansive view. To maximize efficiency, the plan of the building is compact and rigorously organised on a 6m x 6m grid.

Natural materials derived from the site are used for the building. The solid concrete base is polished internally to reveal a flint aggregate. The external timber rainscreen cladding is allowed to grey and weather gracefully over time in contrast with the internal timber lining which is varnished to bring out its warm tones. 


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